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About Our Company

Why You Should Hire Us?

Through our experience in Landscaping, we notice the importance of caring  green areas without the terrible inconvenience of noise and polluting emissions, not only for the recipients of the service, but also for the workers who do it. After a lot of research and tests, we managed to develop a maintenance program that allows obtaining optimal results in the beauty of the gardens than if conventional gasoline equipment were used, but without any type of pollution (auditory or emissions). 

Flowers provide extraordinary beauty to our gardens, so we dedicate time and manual care to every detail of them, keeping them healthy and beautiful.

From Our Director:

Personally, I am concerned about the environment. I love nature and because of that I seek to respect it in the greatest possible ways. That is why I developed this concept of eco friendly landscaping which allows me to combine my two great passions: landscaping and caring for the environment at the same time.


I always wondered if it was really necessary to pollute so much to care for a garden, What's the point of doing that? Why does a job as beautiful and handcrafted as landscaping have to be so noisy and annoying for everyone? Fortunately, at the end of my professional career at Landscaping Technologies and years of experience, I found answers and solutions to these questions that I now start up every day with my team of professionals, hoping to continue pleasing many more clients.

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